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1. Go to and then create an account. Once you have that account created, please send me your username so I can add you as a member of the project.
2. Make sure you have the SVN plugin installed in your eclipse.
You may install the plugin, using this link when you access in the menu for Help -> Install New Software.
Also you may find more information in the following link:
3. After I have added you as a member, go to codeplex web site and login (I had some problems logging in the first time, I had to actually to recover my password and I am sure I remember it well, so in case you can not login, just click on forget password and then set the password again).
4. In codeplex web site, go to the tab source code and you will find the project EchoClient, click on it and you will see the URL to connect with Subversion and the username. The password is the same that you are using to log in to codeplex.
5. Then, in eclipse open the perspective SVN Repository Exploring (this is installed with the SVN plugin), and connect to the server with the URL and credentials you just saw in codeplex.
6. If you connect successfully, then you will see the EchoClient project, right click on it and select Check Out. This will retrieve all the source code in your eclipse workspace.
7. If you want to do changes, just change the code and then when they are ready go to the perspective Team Synchronization, select SVN, and then you will be able to Commit changes (right click and then Commit in the files to upload so any other team member may see your change). If any of us do changes, please notify the others so they can get latest version of code  synchronizing again with the repository and perform UPDATE operation in the project.

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